MATE-XT Exoskeleton


The MATE-XT wearable exoskeleton is the upgraded version of the MATE and helps sustain worker well-being, alleviates physical stress, and reduces ergonomic risk. The exosuit replicates all movements of the shoulder, helping employees perform jobs comfortably by reducing muscle fatigue without limiting mobility or adding bulk. Its design can be easily adjusted to fit different people with different body types—changing the length of the shoulder straps and the required level of assistance based on the worker or the job at hand is quickly achieved in a few simple steps.


The breathable suit is worn like a backpack, providing comfortable, all-day ergonomically-assisted support aimed at increasing the quality and precision of manual tasks. In addition to offering highly effective postural support, MATE-XT is EAWS-certified (Ergonomic Assessment Work-Sheet), enabling companies to get an objective measurement of ergonomic improvement and projected benefits in terms of reduced muscle fatigue and execution speeds.


MATE-XT ensures proper muscular balance while optimizing the energy expenditure needed to stabilize and sustain the weight of the arm. Wearing the exoskeleton, arm stability can be maintained using only 10% of the operator's maximum force capacity. This translates to an improved feeling of well-being in addition to tangible performance-based results such as process optimization and productivity gains.

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