Material Handling Catalog - Akro-Mils


Akro-Mils, a North American leader in storage, organization and transport products, introduces its new material handling catalog featuring a wide array of new products, including AkroDrawers™, the EarthSaver™ Series of recycled bins, ShelfMax™ 6" high bins, ProHANGER™ and two new sizes of Super-Size AkroBins®.
Used individually or together, Akro-Mils’ industry-leading selection of quality products improve space and storage
efficiency, shorten assembly time, and reduce material handling costs in industrial, healthcare, manufacturing, retail and
many other applications.
The full-line catalog showcases Akro-Mils’ complete range of products for productive material handling:
• Storage bins, racks and hanging systems;
• Heavy-duty bins, totes, containers and small parts storage;
• Shelving systems and cabinets;
• Mobile systems and work centers; and
• Waste transport products.

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