Material Transfer Pumps


By Jeremy King, Product Marketing Manager, Vacuum and Sensing Technologies,

When you think of a vacuum pump you usually picture a pump with vacuum cups picking and placing products. But you may not have seen Bimba’s unique material transfer pump, which moves materials from one place to another without using a single cup. This simple operation uses compressed air to create a certain level of vacuum flow that pulls through the body of the pump thus moving the material to exactly where it needs to go.

This material transfer pump creates a level of vacuum flow and air velocity due to its straight-through, smooth-bore design. Bulk materials, complex objects, selvedge, and more are able to pass directly through the pump without any interference or clogging. All the user has to do is regulate the input pressure in order to adjust and control the transfer speed for the application.


The pump feeds compressed air into the exterior annular ring that has a number of orifices leading into the main tube of the pump. As the compressed air exits the orifices, its velocity increases and air is forced into the center of the tube rotating with a twisting motion to create a vacuum that is capable of drawing materials in and through the pump. As a unique vacuum source, these pumps are capable of field-adjustment allowing you to regulate the vacuum flow and vacuum level for your particular material transfer needs.


You may even be surprised with the number of different applications to which these pumps can be applied. For example, you can use a small pump to move scrap sheets from packaging and springs with very small surfaces. Try an even smaller pump to quickly unspool thread.  Transfer bulk materials such as wood chips, dry powders, and food products; even pharmaceutical or hazardous materials – you can actually move pills into bottles or electronic components to removing waste and selvedge almost instantly. In the construction industry, these pumps spread rough aggregate in a controlled manner eliminating the need for manual hand spreading.


Material transfer pumps have become increasingly popular due to their versatility along with their low operating costs, easy installation, (no moving parts), and lightweight construction. To learn more about Bimba’s line of material conveying pumps visit

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