MAXFORM press brakes speed part bending with smart controls


Engineered for high-throughput lean manufacturing, the MAXFORM hydraulic press brake from Cincinnati Incorporated combines state-of-the-art forming speeds and part processing productivity with "smart" controls that speed and simplify programming, setup and part-handling.  MAXFORM's industrial PC-based touchscreen control and Windows® software eliminate two-thirds of the programming steps with conventional CNC controls, while advanced hydraulics and control technologies deliver cycle-eating ram speeds — up to 700 ipm — for more strokes per hour and parts per shift.  
    American-made, the high-speed precision forming machine is available in 90 to 350 ton models and lengths to 14 ft.  Exceptional ±0.0002"(3 Sigma) repeatability delivers outstanding consistency for bending of complex parts without deviation, drift or error stacking.  Cincinnati backs the MAXFORM with industry-best five-year parts and one-year labor warranties.
    Simulation software enables easy offline part programming, while advanced "see and do" 3D graphics and automatic processing intelligence compensate for varied operator experience levels.  A Bend Simulation Module, standard on the MAXFORM, allows programs to be quickly created offline or at the machine and proved out step-by-step in realistic 3D views to avoid trial bending.  Smart controls automatically calculate and apply adjustments for ram reversal position, bottom bending tonnage, gage allowances, and material springback.   
    Further speeding part processing, MAXFORM offers industry's first linear-motor-drive backgage as a machine option.  The 6-axis LT backgage provides 3000 ipm repositioning speeds in X and Z axes for fastest sequential bending of complex parts.  The high-speed positioning eliminates reset waiting time for  more strokes per hour and parts per shift.  The linear motor drives are built by Cincinnati, which pioneered linear motor drive for laser cutting systems and offers more than a decade of demonstrated reliability.  
    The MAXFORM comes standard with bolt-on Cincinnati Quick Clamp ram nose designed for hardened, sectionalized American tooling.  It maximizes ram protection by doubling load capacity from 15 to 30 tons per square inch.  The versatile press brake offers as options Wilson's Power Express™ hydraulic clamping and a Euro-style Ram Nose for European punch holders.
    Precision sectionalized tooling enables fast setup without aligning dies, while a comprehensive range of CNC programmable gages saves downtime by eliminating manual adjustment of gage fingers.  A low-profile, 5-axis backgage comes standard, while the MAXFORM offers as options a linear-motor-drive 6-axis backgage, a CNC Plate Backgage, or CNC frontgage.  All power gages are laser-compensated at the factory for positioning precision.
     The MAXFORM features the traditional built-to-last construction that earns CINCINNATI machines the industry's highest resale value.  A rigid, heavyweight platform features interlocked frame members that eliminate weld joint failures.  Hardened linear guides maintain ram accuracy, while clevis-mounted cylinders and hardened piston rods reduce wear, leaks and maintenance.
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