MAXXDRIVE XD Industrial Gear Units


Delivering a modular, flexible design for optimum reliability and performance for hoist and crane applications, MAXXDRIVE XD series parallel industrial gear units have an extended center distance. This allows for maximum space for the U-shape arrangement of the motor and rope drum on the same side of the gearbox. The series also features five case sizes, 3-stage and 4-stage reductions, and torque output up to 991,300 lb-in.


The gear units utilize NORD’s UNICASE housings to deliver long service life and low maintenance, as well as reduced standstill times for increased efficiency and availability of the entire system. The single-piece housing ensures precise positioning of bearing and shafts, protects internal components, and is FEA-optimized for overhang load - especially with downwards forces. An inspection cover is also included on top of the gear unit for easy maintenance and service access. 3-stage and 4-stage reductions share the same overall unit dimensions and center distances for a standardized design that reduces system variants and lowers total cost of ownership. The MAXXDRIVE XD gear units also deliver stable nominal torque ratings throughout the total ratio range, reducing drive weight up to 60%. This decreases the number of moving parts for lower energy consumption.


MAXXDRIVE XD industrial gear units are engineered to function in a wide range of ambient conditions, including dusty atmospheres and environments with high humidity, heat, and large temperature differences.


  • Center distance has been increased by +35% compared to the compact G1050 series
    • Maximum space for the U-shape arrangement of motor and rope drum on the same side of the gearbox
  • Oversized gearboxes due to geometric constraints are a thing of the past:
    • The new MAXXDRIVE XD series allows reduction of the drive weight up to 60%
  • Precise drive dimensioning is a prerequisite for cost-optimized crane design:
    • Reduction of moving masses (lower energy consumption)
    • Material savings in the steel construction of the hoist trolley
  • Selection based on FEM / DIN EN 13001
  • Same housing dimensions and center distance for 3-stage and 4-stage reduction
    • Standardization and variant reduction of the hoist design
  • Drive solutions tailored to the customer‘s needs with short delivery times
  • Long life service life, low maintenance
  • NORD can supply all drives - such as travel drives - from a single source 
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