Measure Wind Speed the Smart Way


WINDY Smartphone Anemometers consist of wind speed and direction sensors that wirelessly transmit real-time wind and temperature data to your smartphone or tablet. With the free WINDY App (Available for iOS and Android), you can read instant data of current, average and maximum wind speed, direction, temperature, and view history graphs.

  1. Stick the Anemometer anywhere you need, with its optional, handy magnetic bracket;
  2. Turn on your display (smartphone with Windy App installed) unit (your anemometer and display are already set up to talk to each other);
  3. Set your desired safety parameters;
  4. Upload WINDY to your smartphone and set your safety parameters;
  5. Enter the unit number of your Anemometer into the smartphone application;
  6. The smartphone application will parallel the display unit up to 100 meters on a line of sight basis.


  • Wireless link to Smartphones and tablets via a free app
  • Range up to 100 m/325 ft
  • Data refresh every 2 seconds
  • 1-year minimum battery life
  • Wind tunnel calibrated sensors with precision stainless steel ball-bearing and replaceable cups
  • Displays current, average and maximum wind speed, direction, temperature and history graphs (on the mobile app)
  • Programmable wind speed alarm
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