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Kardex Remstar introduces the new Megamat RS Vertical Carousel, the fusion of reliability and security in a new generation of vertical carousel technology. The Megamat RS vertical carousel features reduced lifecycle costs, an improved structure with interchangeable carriers and multiple control options while maintaining the key objectives of vertical carousel technology- saving organizations time, space and money.

Using innovative technology, the Megamat RS offers reduced lifecycle costs when compared to other vertical carousel models. Through the unique combination of drive motor, high efficiency transmission and precision calibrated frequency converter, the Kardex Remstar Megamat RS vertical carousel requires 40% less energy. With an improved modular structure and the use of efficient components, the new carousel provides a 50% reduction in overall unit weight. Further, an automatic chain tensioning system reduces stretching and wear and tear on the load chain resulting in a more reliable system requiring less maintenance. These elements combine to offer organizations reduced installation and maintenance costs for the life cycle of the Megamat RS vertical carousel.

The Megamat RS vertical carousel can easy be reconfigured after installation to meet an operations continually changing needs. With a split end panel design height can be added or subtracted with minimal downtime. An interchangeable carrier design allows organizations to simply insert the desired drawers or shelves into an existing carrier, changing carrier configurations without replacing the entire carrier.

 The C3000 control system comes standard with the Megamat RS vertical carousel and offers a drive and view feature; allowing the unit to run without a warehouse management system. Operators can simply push a button to drive the unit and view the contents stored in the unit as it rotates past the pick window, making storing and retrieving items quick and simple. 

For operations requiring inventory control, the Megamat RS vertical carousel can be driven by FastPic inventory management software. FastPic software can optimize the picking and storing activities providing increased density, productivity, accuracy and product security. The Megamat RS Vertical Carousel can also be integrated with all QuickPick pick-to-light technologies to further increase picking accuracy.

 With innovative design and technology improvements, the Megamat RS vertical carousel maintains the key objectives of vertical carousel technology- saving organizations time, space and money- by increasing productivity by 2/3 and reducing floor space requirements by 75% when compared to manual storage systems.


  • interchangeable carriers
  • easily reconfigured after installation
  • requires 40% less energy
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