Metal Cored Electrode


Select-SAI, Inc. has introduced Select 70C-6 SR, an E70C-6MJ-H4 gas-shielded, metal cored electrode that is specifically designed for low temperature service requirements. Select 70C-6 SR is an uniquely formulated metal cored wire that provides excellent weldability with a low slag, resulting in an exceptionally smooth arc transfer with outstanding arc stability. This electrode also delivers robust mechanical properties at subzero temperatures as low as -50°C (-60°F) in both the as-welded and stress relief condition. 

Select 70C-6 SR is ideal for a wide variety of welding applications including rootpass welding of process piping, pressure vessel fabrication, general fabrication, structural steel and construction equipment.  This premium electrode is available in .045”, 052” and 1/16”diameters. 


  • for low temperature service requirements
  • excellent weldability with a low slag

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