Metal Detectable Cable Ties


A new line of metal-detectable cable ties help manufacturers comply with the FDA’s HACCP standards and EU regulations by preventing contamination. ACT Metal Detectable Cable Ties help keep manufacturing processes safe and foreign materials out of consumer products without the expense of stainless steel cable ties. Featuring copolymer material blended with iron, providing magnetic properties throughout, these cable ties can be detected by metal detectors and are molded in the industry standard teal color for visual identification.


Fully interchangeable with other metal detectable cable ties on the market, ACT Metal Detectable Cable Ties have rounded edges for user safety and to prevent insulation damage, require low insertion and pull-through force, and have an angled tail for fast insertion alignment, while tail finger grips allow easier handling and tightening.


ACT Metal Detectable Cable Ties are offered in sizes from 4 to 14 in. long with tie tensile ranging from 18 to 120 lb.

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