Metal Detectable Plastic Aerosol


LPS Laboratories is revolutionizing food safety for manufacturers. A new, patent-pending technology, DETEX™, guarantees that all plastic components on an aerosol can for LPS® NSF® H1 food grade lubricants are metal detectable. Blue colored caps, actuators, and extension tubes signify the DETEX™ components which are metal detectable and can help prevent food from being contaminated. DETEX™ has been designed to assist food processing plants in meeting strict HACCP requirements regarding the use of LPS® NSF® H1 aerosol products in the food processing area.  The LPS® NSF® H1 products with the DETEX™ components are: 

  • Belt Dressing (#02216)
  • Clear Penetrating Grease (#06716)
  • Food Grade Chain Lubricant (#06016)
  • Food Grade Machine Oil (#01316)
  • Food Grade Silicone Lubricant (#01716)
  • Heavy-Duty Silicone Lubricant (#01516) 


  • components are metal detectable 

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