Metal Detector and Magnetic Separator Team Up to Remove Contaminants


While neither a metal detector nor a magnetic separator is 100 percent effective in removing contamination on its own, the “Double Team” combination results in as close to a perfect product yield as possible.

Working in conjunction, the magnet removes the ferrous contamination while the metal detector focuses on any ferrous missed by the magnet as well as nonferrous metals (i.e. aluminum, copper, brass, stainless steel).


  •  Safeguards against stainless steel, copper, brass and aluminum contamination
  • Model FF Metal Separator installed directly after a Grate Magnet detects and rejects nonferrous and stainless steel metals
  • Model CFP Metal Separator with Model PM Rare Earth Drawer Magnets mounted on the feed throat of an extruder, injection molding or blow molding machine enables maximum product purity
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