Metal Seal Design for Extreme-Temp Fitting Applications


Unique trap-style seal now used in Seal-Lok Xtreme flat face seal fittings offers the advantages of zero clearance, vibration tolerance, ease of assembly and reassembly for demanding applications.


Seal has three retainers (clips) that extend into the existing fitting's O-ring groove that prevent the seal from falling out during assembly or reassembly. It can be used in applications from –200 to 650°F.


Fittings are highly vibration resistant and compatible with working pressures greater than 5,000 psi, depending on the fitting size.


Metal sealing ring provides a complete solution for demanding applications such as:

  • combustion turbines
  • liquid natural gas storage and fueling systems
  • cryogenic equipment
  • high-temperature engine compartments
  • instrument panels
  • chemical process equipment
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