Metal Seat Ball Valves


New M-series metal seat ball valves from A-T Controls are engineered with specially coated matched balls and seats to stand up to high temperatures, pressures and abrasive materials encountered in the oil/gas, chemical, power generation, pulp and paper, food processing and mining industries. Valves in the M-Series have a temperature range of -20°F to 661°F, and a pressure rating up to ANSI class 600. M-series ball and seat materials include stainless steel, stellite welded, and hard chrome-plated steel, allowing the valves to perform well in applications involving abrasive fluids and steam. Two optional coatings are also available – a tungsten carbide (TC) coating for heavy slurry environments, and a chrome carbide (CC) coating for higher temperature applications. An oversized stem prevents deformation at higher pressures and temperatures. Larger ball design provides a tight seal, preventing leakage, and an Inconel seat spring maintains positive contact between the ball and seat during operation.
    M-Series valves are available with four connection options – flanged, threaded, socket weld and butt weld – and body material options include WCB, CF8 and CF8M. Special material is available based on application. Nominal pipe size (NPS) range is 0.5 to 8.0 inches. A uni-directional shutoff is standard, with a bi-directional shutoff available for back flow applications.
    Precision CNC machining ensures the ball and spring live-loaded seats seal tightly for superior shutoff and tight sealing, even at low temperature and pressure. Safety features include an anti-static device, a blowout-proof stem and fire-safe design that conforms to API 607 4th edition.


  • specially coated matched balls and seats
  • temperature range of -20°F to 661°F
  • pressure rating up to ANSI class 600
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