Metal Surface Sander


CGW-Camel Grinding Wheels is introducing a metal surface drum sander and flap wheel drum line for large scale metal finishing. Made with electronic controls, a soft start feature and a variable speed dial, the flap drum sander is engineered to not bog down while making shadow-free finishes. The new sander also has an overload protection feature and high-speed capacity for longer working life. The sander weighs 7.9 pounds, provides 4 inches of working tool width and features an 11-amp input and 700-watt output.
The new flap wheel drum line consists of four types of 4-inch by 4-inch drums with keyhole arbors. The four drums are coated aluminum oxide drums, zirconia aluminum oxide drums, interleaf and non-woven drums. Available in 40- through 120-grit sizes, the new coated flap wheel drums work coolly on a variety of metals including steel, ferrous, and stainless steels. The interleaf flap wheel drums are made from alternating flaps of non-woven and aluminum oxide materials for uniform finishes. Interleaf flap wheel drums are available in 40- to 240-grit sizes and are paired with medium-grade, non-woven material. The new non-woven flap wheel drums are made from non-woven material impregnated with aluminum oxide grain and are available in coarse through very fine grits.
“The pairing of quality, long lasting flap wheel drums with our variable speed metal surface drum sander makes large metal finishing projects much easier and more consistent,” said
Joe O’ Mera, president, CGW-Camel Grinding Wheels.


  • soft start feature
  • variable speed dial
  • 11-amp input and 700-watt output
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