Metal Turnings and Chip Processing System


PRAB features a full-scale metal turnings and chip processing system that includes the Dualpak Briquetter, the Diagonal-Shaft Wringer, the Guardian Coolant Recycling System, the PRAB Paper Bed Filter, and the EVALED Vacuum Evaporation and Distillation for industrial water & wastewater treatment. The system works in series to compress metal chips, loose turnings, and swarf into near-solid, dry briquettes to send to the recycler or feed to the furnace.


PRAB’s heavy-duty wringers/centrifuges use more than 600G’s of force to reclaim up to 98% of the valuable coolant and cutting oils from aluminum, brass, cast iron, steel, stainless steel, and other metal chips. This process significantly reduces haul-away costs and increases the value of dry chips.


The Guardian Coolant Recycling System is a centralized, economical solution to the high costs associated with maintaining water-based coolants and wash water in the metalworking industry. The Guardian system recycles used coolants, reducing waste fluids by 50 to 90%, and eliminates concerns about wastewater haul-away liabilities. Everything needed for centralized coolant recycling is included with the Guardian. Each turnkey system is designed for easy installation, quick start-up, and simple, efficient operation.


PRAB’s full-line of Paper Bed Filters are a low-profile, cost-effective solution for solids filtration that can significantly lower operational costs. These filters provide long-term solutions for solids filtration, with or without magnetic separation, and are perfect for grinding applications. Filtered fluid can be reused or recycled, lowering operational costs.


PRAB will also feature an EVALED Vacuum Evaporation and Distillation system for treating wastewater in a wide range of industrial applications such as exhausted oil emulsions, tumbling baths, parts rinsing waters, ion exchange regeneration, pretreatment baths, pickling baths, rinsing baths (cyanide, copper, zinc, nickel, cobalt, cadmium, chromium) and more. Every EVALED evaporator operates as a closed-loop system under a vacuum. Atmospheric evaporators lose valuable energy through air emissions and may require an air permit or waiver for compliant operation. An EVALED evaporator has an efficient design with one (1) inlet and two (2) discharge streams—concentrate and distillate. No air emissions ever. A water analysis is performed to determine the exact equipment requirements to meet reuse or approved dumping requirements.

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