Metering Ball Valve


GF Piping Systems has introduced the new Metering Ball Valve Type 523, completing the company’s 5 Series Generation of Ball Valves.  The new series incorporates a number of unique features that include improved flow control, easy actuation, new scale and display, and large material range for application versatility.  The 523’s design makes it especially suitable for metering tiny media quantities and sampling.  

The Type 523 Valve Series’ completely new design features a special V-notch ball with 180 degree turn rotation capability.  This provides excellent flow control characteristics and better resolution than standard ball valves with only 90 degree rotation. The design also includes a circular scale that makes it extremely easy to read from all possible angles.  The enhanced scale comes with a high contrast display that allows easier valve position reading.  The 523 Valve Series is available in a wide range of materials to meet the requirements of many different chemical applications.  Materials include PVC, Polypropylene (PROGEF Standard) and PVDF Standard (CPVC and ABS are available on request) in 3/8” and ½” sizes.  

The valve can be easily actuated with GF Piping Systems EA21 Actuator and positioner to fully automate the user’s flow control system. “The 523 Valve takes advantage of the current and proven 546 Valve platform, while adding many more innovations and functions,” says Dave Vollaire, GF Piping Systems‘ Valves and Actuation Product Manager.  “In addition to its improved flow control advantage, users will find it easier to use from many aspects - installation, readability, and flexibility.”Other attributes of the micro-doser valve include integrated stainless steel mounting inserts, PTFE ball seals, and built-in threaded inserts for facilitating quick and easy installation.  With valve ends the same for all 5-series valves and a wide range of available connections, users are assured of maximum flexibility.  Standards are available for ASTM, ISO, JIS, and BS. 


  • easy actuation
  • new scale and display
  • large material range

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