Metric Hydraulic Tie-Rod Cylinder


Milwaukee Cylinder introduces the MH series of metric hydraulic tie-rod cylinder products designed to ISO 6020/2 160 bar standards for the global metric market. MH series products are built with the quality features and materials that have made Milwaukee Cylinder NFPA tie-rod cylinders trusted performers in the hydraulic and pneumatic actuation industry for more than 50 years. MH series hydraulic cylinders incorporate a variety of exclusive Milwaukee advanced features designed to provide a long, maintenance-free service life. Pistons offer polyurethane u-cup seals to deliver excellent load holding and reliability. The piston rod and rod bearings feature hard chrome plated/polished high strength steel and bronze construction for a long seal and bearing life with low maintenance requirements. Plus, quality medium carbon steel tie-rods with rolled threads provide reliable operation and extend the cylinder life.

“The introduction of the MH series of ISO-rated tie-rod cylinders extends our expertise in cylinder products to a global market,” said Al Hamdan, Global Marketing and Engineering Leader at Milwaukee Cylinder. “Building on our strengths in supplying standard NFPA products and custom cylinders, the MH series ISO products provide a global solution for our customers.”The MH series is ideal for applications where designs and products must meet ISO standards, such as special machines for the global market. 

Whether the project involves converting an existing design to ISO standards for export or the development of a new design, Milwaukee Cylinder provides the wide product selection required to make versatile projects successful.MH series tie-rod cylinders are available in a broad range of sizes and configurations. Bore diameters of 25, 32, 40, 50, 63, 80, 100, 125, 160 and 200 mm are available with working pressures up to 210 bar. Multiple mounting configurations are available: ISO MP1, MP3, MP5, MT1, MT2, MT4, ME5 and ME6. Double rod versions of the MT1, MT2, MT4, ME5 and ME6 are also available. To suit tight application deadlines, two-week delivery is available in limited quantities on the ME5, ME6, MP1, MP3 and MS2 in 32 mm to 125 mm sizes.Either male or female threaded rod options are standard, and standard porting is BSPP for leak-free connections. Custom options include internal stop tubes and cushions. Position sensing is also available on a custom design basis.


  • designed to ISO 6020/2 160 bar standards
  • maintenance-free service life
  • medium carbon steel tie-rods

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