Micro 10 Rocker Isolation Valve


New Valve Sets Performance Standards for Reduced Size, Cost, and Waste in Clinical, Life Sciences, Analytic, and Fluid Handling Applications

FLORHAM PARK, NEW JERSEY, USA, - ASCO, the world's leading manufacturer of solenoid valves, today introduced its line of Micro 10 rocker isolation valves - setting industry standards for both performance and versatility.

The Micro 10 rocker isolation valve's envelope size is almost 40% smaller than comparable 16 mm designs, but with orifice diameters reduced by only 10%. This reduction allows equipment and instrument manufacturers to pack more valves into the same space for greater functionality, or helps reduce laboratory costs by shrinking the size of the equipment or instrument.

"The Micro 10 rocker isolation valve represents the next step in miniaturized valve technology," said Robert Kemple, vice president, sales and marketing, ASCO Valve. "It is the perfect choice for clinical, life science, analytical, and fluid handling equipment manufacturers with valve applications requiring minimal internal volume, no pumping, and excellent flushing characteristics."

The new valve's smaller internal volume enables more effective flushing of materials through the device. This eliminates the waste of expensive reagents and fluids that might collect in a larger valve body.

The Micro 10 rocker isolation valve is engineered with more robust hardware that makes it easier to mount during the assembly process. Its stronger fasteners and threads maintain valve integrity during the customer's production process, reducing defects and improving manufacturing productivity. Pad mount configuration allows for modularization, which simplifies design, assembly, and service for manufacturers. Other options include various mounting and flow configurations, as well as orifice sizes, to better suit customer applications.

"This miniaturized solenoid valve gives design engineers exciting new opportunities to create smaller clinical, life science, analytic, and fluid handling instrumentation with higher throughput and lower cost," said Kemple. "It draws on ASCO's heritage of developing innovative and highly reliable flow control products."

The valve can be used to control acids and bases, as well as analytical reagents. It is ideal for controlling aggressive fluids or when high purity is required. In addition, the Micro 10 rocker isolation valve incorporates the following features:

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* Hermetic separation of control mechanism and fluid * Reduced heat exchange due to integrated power-save circuit * Mountable in any position without affecting operation * Multiple flow configurations (i.e. 2-way NC, 2-way NO, and 3-way Universal) * Available with alternate elastomers
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