Micro Bear OEM Controller Programs in Ladder Logic


Divelbiss Corporation announces availability of Micro Bear, an OEM controller programmable in Ladder Logic with Function Block. With a mounting footprint smaller than a 3 x 5 inch file card, the Micro Bear OEM controller is available from stock in two versions.
The Micro Bear OEM controllers provide a new solution where a small, yet versatile, logic controller is required. Based on patented PLC on a Chip® technology, the Micro Bear is easy to apply and program. All Micro Bear OEM controllers program in ladder logic with function block using the Divelbiss PC based EZ Ladder® Lite software which is included free of charge.
The Micro Bear Model ICM-MB-100 features 6 digital and 1 analog inputs and 4 dry contact relay outputs. The ICM-MB-110 adds 3 momentary push-button inputs, an additional analog input, and a 4 digits of 7-segment LED numeric display. These open printed circuit board controllers are designed to be used in place of small, application specific microprocessor based control boards and can be quickly adapted for use in many applications.
The Micro Bear OEM Controllers are ideal for small system control and monitor applications, particularly in instances where several similar OEM products require minor changes and/or additions in the control logic.
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