Micro Deep-Hole Drill


This new micro deep-hole drill from BIG Kaiser’s Sphinx line provides a time-saving option for creating wire EDM starter holes, averaging 5X faster per hole according to testing. The addition of this drill to a shop’s toolbox replaces the demanding and time-consuming process of plunge EDM to establish a starter hole. This is especially true when a plate requires many starter holes, where they can be prepared on a standard machining center to shorten process times with no need to exchange tools.


With this drill, holes with a length/diameter ratio of up to 80xØ are possible in the range of Ø.25 to 1.50 mm, in steps of .1 mm for hole depths up to 20/40/60/80xØ. A centering/pilot hole of 2xØ is recommended to begin the process, with the deep-hole drill following with a peck-cycle until the hole is completed.


The Sphinx micro deep-hole drill has a flute- and cutting-edge geometry adapted to this difficult application. Taking into consideration wear and tear, the drill is constructed of the appropriate high-quality carbide and optimum abrasion-resistant coating for drilling starting holes in high-strength alloyed tool steels.


  • for creating wire EDM starter holes
  • flute- and cutting-edge geometry
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