Micro ID Tubing For High Performance Applications


Norplex-Micarta, the leading manufacturer of high performance thermoset composites, announces the availability of Micro ID convolute tubing materials. Micro ID tubing is ideal for such high performance applications as extra-fine bearings in the electrical market and insulation and support components in the LNG market. Inside diameters for Micro ID tubing range from 0.094? – 0.187? and outside diameters range from 0.156? – 0.500?. Norplex-Micarta normally delivers all Micro ID tubing products within two to three weeks of receipt of order.

Norplex-Micarta Micro ID tubes are available in lengths of 18? – 24? with paper, cotton, or glass fabric substrates. Phenolic paper grades such as the RT629 and RT630 are used in electrical, heavy industrial, and general purpose applications for extra-fine bearing. The RTB320X, composed of an extra-fine weave linen cloth and phenolic resin, is ideal for applications requiring mechanical strength and low abrasion, such as ball bearing retainers for high speed, small diameter rotary equipment. A glass fabric grade, such as the RT500X, utilizes an extra-fine weave glass reinforcement with an epoxy resin system for cryogenic insulation and support components for LNG storage containers.

Norplex-Micarta tubing composites are available in various sizes, with inside diameters ranging from 0.094? – 48? and outside diameters of 0.156? – 58?. Wall thicknesses range from 0.031? – 500?.
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