micro PLC is ideal for solar and vehicle applications


The MicroSmart Pentra from IDEC is known for its speed, flexibility and power. Now with the introduction of a new 12V DC model, IDEC is going green too. With abundant features and unparalleled performance, the new 12V DC MicroSmart Pentra is the perfect choice for eco-friendly solar applications, including traffic signs, lighting controls, road sign controls, and tracking systems. Beyond that the 12V DC MicroSmart Pentra is also ideal for remote water pumping stations and injection systems in the gas and oil industry, as well as vehicle applications, such as utility trucks, trains, vans and buses. Available in the traditional “brick” design with 10, 16 or 24 built-in I/Os, the MicroSmart Pentra has a high-speed CPU providing faster scan times and better throughput. MicroSmart Pentra also supports double-word and floating point math. Plus IDEC has upgraded its WindLDR programming software to version 5.32. With a userfriendly interface and great features such as online editing, simulation mode, a custom monitor dialog box and more, this software is easy to program and debug, as well as maintain. WindLDR 5.32 can be used on the entire range of IDEC PLCs and is available in five different languages.


* Fast processing speed * Support 32-bit data and floating point match * 16-bit analog resolution * Built-in Modbus RTU, ASCII and TCP/IP * Field Upgradeable Firmware * Up to 512 I/Os * Configure up to 56 Analog I/Os * Max. of 7 Communication Ports * Embedded 100kHz high speed I/O * Online Edit and Simulation Mode
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