Micro-Precise, 5-Axis Machining


Ultimate Die & Mold (UD) 400/5X Vertical Machining Center delivers incredibly precise 5-axis machining in a small footprint platform. Ideal for applications ranging from medical and dental instruments to mold and die components and beyond, the machine sports a rigid base and double-column symmetrical construction that allow its state-of-the-art spindle to reach the highest levels of precision and speed.


The integral 45,000-rpm HSK-E40 spindle, powered by an 18.5-HP motor, features temperature-controlled cooling oil that circulates through the spindle housing to ensure stability for even the longest periods of high-speed operation. Ballscrew core cooling controls the temperature further, while 16 temperature sensors throughout the machine detect any other heat build-up. The machine’s thermal shield also controls for environmental temperature fluctuations.


The machine’s tilt/rotary table accommodates workpieces weighing up to 264.55 lb. and measuring up to 15.75 in. in diameter and 11.81 in. high, and it gives the machine its full simultaneous 5-axis capability. The table’s B and C axes both utilize direct-drive motors that eliminate vibration and heat build-up while enabling rapid traverse rates of 60 rpm in the B axis and 150 rpm in the C axis.


Axis travels for X, Y and Z measure 15.75 in., 21.65 in. and 13.78 in., respectively. The UD-400/5X also includes high-accuracy scale feedback on all its linear and rotary axes as well as high-specification linear guides for smooth movement.


Optional machine features such as tool nose control and cutting point control enable further optimization and accuracy, while a 40-tool magazine supports continuous DONE IN ONE part productivity.


Mazak pairs the UD-400/5X with its MAZATROL SmoothX CNC control for a high degree of precision and performance especially for machining dies and molds. The control’s suite of SMOOTH TECHNOLOGY functions includes Variable Acceleration Control (VAC) to allow operators to utilize the high-speed linear axes when possible, Seamless Corner Control (SCC) to optimize acceleration and deceleration around corners and the Active Vibration Control (AVC) to minimize vibrations at the program level. All of which combine to significantly reduce cycle times and boost part accuracy.

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