Micro-Spray Valve


Dymax Corporation has released a more precise, flexible, and easier-to-use Model 455 Micro-Spray Valve.  It features an inert, 100% disposable fluid path which carries materials from the material reservoir to the spray nozzle in a sealed path. This prevents materials from coming in contact with the valve’s inner components and ensures a contaminate-free dispensing process. The fluid path is easy to replace and requires minimum cleanup, allowing for rapid material changeover.

The valve can be supplied with fluid paths of varying materials and sizes for optimum material compatibility.  The pneumatic pinch valve, outfitted with a stainless steel spray nozzle and spray regulator assembly, utilizes tube over-pinch, a feature that extends tube life, enhances repeatability, and offers precise control over material flow. The spray nozzle is an external air-mix type which utilizes a standard luer-lock design allowing different gauge tips to be exchanged to adjust flow rate needs.  The combination of tip variation and integrated pneumatic controls allows control over the amount of air relative to the amount of fluid.  The controls feature a built-in delay system that atomizes the tiny droplet that would normally remain on the nozzle when the valve is shut off.  This enhances repeatability and guarantees drip-free operation.


  • inert, 100% disposable fluid path
  • supplied with fluid paths of varying materials and sizes

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