Micro TIG Welder


Miyachi America Corporation introduces the new Miyachi MAWA-300A Micro TIG Welder. The MAWA-300A Linear DC micro TIG welder (arc welder) is ideally suited for joining conductive materials such as copper, coated wires, and dissimilar materials found in a variety of industries such as home appliance, automobile, mobile telephone, and medical equipment. Micro TIG welding is a non-contact process, and does not need to apply force to create proper part fit up. MAWA-300A produces high quality welds with minimal heat affected zone by generating arcs between the workpiece and the tungsten electrode, and using the resultant heat to create the joint. Unlike resistance or ultrasonic welding, this method is capable of joining dissimilar metals. Two key features of the new MAWA-300A are “Pulsation” and “Touch Start.”  

Pulsation allows the user to selectively turn the current on and off during the weld. The frequency can be up to 5 kHz for very rapid firing. Touch start drives the electrode to contact the workpiece and then retract at a given speed. The electrode starts to fire in low current at short distance from the part. This feature helps control the location of the weld, as well as reducing electrical noise emitted in the arc generation. The MAWA-300A welder is a three phase unit that weighs 30kg (excluding torch and torch stand). The set range of weld time is 0 to 2000ms and the control method is FET driven constant current control. Power consumption is 13.5kVA (5%) and it has 32 channels. The set range of weld time is 0 to 999ms and the control method is IGBT driven constant current control. Power consumption is 2.3kVA (5%) and it also has 32 channels.

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