Microemulsion Coolant


A unique new mircoemulsion coolant for heavy duty / severe machining has been announced by JTM Products, Inc.  KoolRite™ 2290MAX is a high performance new generation metalworking coolant, specially formulated for tough aerospace alloys, where high finish is important. The coolant has excellent performance on high removal machining where speeds and feeds are pushed to the limit, without the use of chlorine or sulphur machining additives.

KoolRite 2290MAX coolant can be used with all metals, but it has been specifically enhanced to improve machining performance and tool life on aluminum alloys, titanium, tool steel, alloy steel, stainless steel, high Ni steel and exotic alloys. KoolRite 2290MAX is formulated with JTM BioArmor™ Technology, making it highly resistant to bacterial growth without the use of bactericides or DCHA. It yields extremely long sump life, eliminating the stench associated with most coolants to provide a clean, comfortable environment for operators.

Unlike competitive oil-based coolants, KoolRite 2290MAX will reject tramp, allowing clean coolant to be delivered to the chip / tool interface. Machine tools are kept clean with a minimum of residual film to provide excellent corrosion control.


  • for heavy duty / severe machining
  • can be used with all metals
  • highly resistant to bacterial growth
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