MicroLiner marker


Further advances in its inexpensive MicroLiner  technology have
been announced by Borries Marking Systems.  The capabilities of this compact
marker have been enhanced with an addition to the hand-held version: an in-line
marker especially for automated work piece marking.  This newer marking
instrument is capable of generating scribe, stylus or dot-matrix marking, all
readable by a human eye. 

Its capabilities also include ECC200 DataMatrix code
marking that can be read by automated vision systems.

The MicroLiner 312 is fully programmable, capable of marking at speeds up to four
characters per second, with flexibility for in-line processing, lot control and traceability.
The marker is driven by high-speed stepper motor drives.  It moves on precision
ball-bearing spindles and a carriage with circular ball tracks in both axes.  Lightweight
(only 6.6 lbs—3 kgs), the marker can be fixed--mounted in any orientation for
automated applications; or it can be installed on indexing mechanisms or part-holding
fixtures.  According to Don Hubchik, U.S. Manager for Borries, “The MicroLiner is
manufactured to mark a broad range of part geometries, and offers various tooling
options for flexibility.  It also can be protected by a cover if it is placed in
environments that are dirty or wet.”

The size of the marker measures 6½ inches (160 mm) in height by 5.9 inches (150 mm)
in length by another 5.9 inches in depth.  Its compact controller can generate time and
date codes internally or it can receive marking data from other sources by means of an
RS232 interface, or by way of an optional RS422, Profibus, Ethernet or DeviceNet.
Signal exchanges with the user’s automation can be via digital I/O or the above-
mentioned interfaces. 

The marker’s controller is equipped with a standard MACRO
program, and can be integrated into a higher-level station control.  All parameter
settings can be modified using the membrane keyboard (also marker text and positions)
or the Borries MACRO loader program. With this program, a test and set-up operation
also is possible, including teach-in features on marking positions.

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