Microscope Focal Drift Compensator


IX3-ZDC2 autofocus module produces sharper images with the IX83 microscope over long periods by preventing focal drift.

Add-on module enables time-lapse experiments of up to several weeks, depending on the experimental protocol. Other features include Rapid focus for high-speed imaging, compatibility with more than 40 objectives, supports for low-magnification objectives for enhanced screening, and a motorized in/out dichromatic mirror.


  •  (96-well plate in approximately 2 min.)
  • Compatibility with cost-effective plastic-bottom dishes
  • Speed: four times faster than the previous unit at finding the focal plane
  • Greater transmission in the UV
  • Compatibility with more than 40 objectives
  • Supports low-magnification objectives for enhanced screening
  • Motorized in/out dichromatic mirror
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