Microstepping Drive - Intelligent Motion Systems Inc


Upgraded microstepping drive offers active anti-resonance, ultra-smooth low-speed motion, and precise current control, all in a tiny 1.1 x 2.7 x 0.175-in. package. The 2.1-amp (peak) Model IM481H Plus supports steppers to NEMA size 23, accepts 12-48 v input, and has 16 built-in microstep resolutions, from full step to 51,200 steps/rev (1.8-deg motor) in binary and decimal. Resolution can be changed at any time without resetting the driver. Intelligent Motion Systems, Inc., Marlborough, CT


Input voltage: • Includes motor back EMF • +12 to +48 VDC Output current : • RMS per phase (holding current may be lower) • 1.5 Amps • Peak per phase (holding current may be lower) • 0.14 to 2.1 Amps Protection: • Thermal, phase to phase, +V to phase Thermal (non-condensing humidity): • Storage • -40 to +125° C Rear mounting surface (max) • -40 to + 85° C
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