Milling Toolholder for Heavy-Duty Cutting - SCHUNK


The new SINO-R from SCHUNK is a maintenance free toolholder especially well suited for rough milling.

The toolholder is based on an expansion technology system with a solid body and a pressure medium, quickly clamping the cutting tool by using a spanner wrench. This simple operation decreases machine down-time.

The excellent interaction of high radial rigidity and superior dampening characteristics are special features that increase the productivity of the toolholder. The result is an increased tool life and material removal rates.

An additional advantage for the user: the toolholder is flexible due to the use of intermediate sleeves. Nearly all common tool shank diameters can be clamped. SINO-R holds your tool securely, with a maximum torque transmission (850 Nm (627 Ft-lb)), at a clamping diameter of 32 mm (1.25”). It is precision-balanced standard to G 6.3 at 15000 rpm.


  • Maximum Torque Transmission: 850 Nm (627 Ft-lb)
  • Clamping Diameter: 32 mm (1.25 in.)
  • Precision-Balance Standard: G 6.3 at 15000 rpm
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