MIM Materials


Smith Metal Products will exhibit at IMTS 2018 Booth #236313 and will be previewing its expertise in molding metal parts with complex geometries in high production volumes. Smith MIM materials include stainless steel, steel, titanium, and most all ferrous materials.


MIM is often a more effective process to achieve precision parts while eliminating machining because MIM parts are precise, net-shaped parts that are produced faster and usually with no secondary operations. If a high tolerance needs to be held and cannot be MIM molded, Smith uses 5 axis CNC machining equipment to achieve tighter specifications while still being more competitive than complete machining of parts.


Parts that are suitable for MIM processing include those that have annual volumes of 10,000 pieces or more and a finished part weight of less than 100g (3.5 oz). All dimensions of the component should be 3 in. or less, and the maximum wall thickness should be 3 mm (0.125 in.) or less. MIM parts must be ferrous metals.

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