Mimic Field 3D VR Simulation


Mimic Field 3D is an immersive training experience designed to help new and incoming workers gain a deep understanding of how changes in the field impact industrial plant processes. This virtual reality-based (VR) solution gives personnel simulated hands-on experience to prepare for any plant event, helping them make better decisions regarding operating changes and practice proper procedures before entering potentially hazardous plant areas.


Using existing industrial 3D CAD models of the facility and equipment, users can upscale the graphics with realistic colors and textures. Connect with Mimic Simulation Software and create simulation scenarios using the logic and modeling tools. Then deploy the simulation on any device to provide field operators with a completely immersive training experience.


Recreate communication between the control room and field operators by leveraging the Digital Twin and VR simulation to train operators in the field and in the control room on the same scenarios and procedures. They learn how to collaborate before or while the plant is being built.


With prepared operators, production can start early. Before or while the plant is being built, operators in the field environment become familiar and comfortable reducing the time needed to train on the plant site.


  • Protect your assets & empower your people
  • Plan migration and turnaround activities
  • Recreate communication between the control room and field operators
  • Start production earlier and ensure operational readiness
  • Leverage existing CAD configuration
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