Mini DAC Compressed Air Loader


The Mini PD dryers are ideal for small press /extruders with the dryer and hopper on a compact, castered floor frame. Optional DAC compressed air loaders provide easy, safe changeovers eliminating press mounted drying hoppers.


Compact Size:

The Mini PD portable dryer replaces press mounted drying hoppers so material changes can be made off the press/extruder. Dryers can be staged outside the molding area for preparation for the next material run, eliminating downtime on material changeovers.

Conveyance to the press:

Our DAC compressed air loader provides quiet, reliable transfer of dried materials to the press/extruder.

CAMD Dryer:

With no moving parts the CA series is ideal for low throughput/small press and extruder applications with a simple, easy-to-use trouble-free design.

Can operate from high (350 ̊F - 175 ̊C) to low (80 ̊F - 25 ̊C) drying temperatures without the need for water cooled after- coolers. Hoppers are available from 5, 15 & amp; 30 pound capacity The Dri-Pak membrane assures low dewpoint air to dry the toughest materials such as PLA’s, Isoplast, Ultems 

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