MINI PRO Analog Signal Conversion Transducers


Phoenix Contact has added two new analog signal conversion transducers to its space-saving MINI PRO analog family. Like other MINI PRO signal conditioners, the new set-point relay and analog-to-frequency transducer measure just 6.2-mm wide and are easy to install in tight spaces.

The set-point relay module is a universally configurable limit-value switch with PDT relay output. It has plug-in connection technology for switching analog limit values. With the analog input switching range freely adjustable from 0-24 mA and 0-12 V.  A high-quality form C relay on the output side is good for up to 250 V AC/DC, up to a maximum 6 A.

The analog-to-frequency transducer offers conversion of analog signals to a frequency or pulse width modulated (PWM) signal. On the input the ranges are freely adjustable from 0-24 mA and 0-12 V.  For the output, frequency signals between 0 and 11 kHz and PWM signals between 0 and 100 percent are possible. In addition, the output can be operated as a switching output, with the two switching thresholds set independently of one another.



  • angled housing for easy access to wiring
  • visible and easy-to-install terminal blocks
  • keyed terminals
  • T-bus power-bridging system
  • voltage range: 9.3 to 30 v dc
  • operating temp range –40 to 70°C
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