Mini Size 1 Cables, Cordsets & Accessories


ZIPport line of wiring products now includes Mini Size 1 cables, cordsets, field-wireable connectors, T-couplers and bulkhead receptacles. Cordsets and patch cables feature a non-wicking, non-hygroscopic, oil-resistant yellow PVC cable jacket and body; the 2 to 6 pole cables are available in 2, 4, 6 and 10 meter lengths, starting at $14.00. Cable connectors have copper alloy contacts with gold plating and a nickel-plated brass nut coupling with 7/8 - 16 UN2 threads. All ZIPport Mini Size 1 cordsets, patch cables and connectors are UL Listed and are IP67 protection-rated when connected. New ZIPport Mini Size 1 field-wireable connectors are available in 2 to 6 poles and start at $9.00. ZIPport Mini T-Couplers, starting at $25.00, have oil-resistant yellow PVC bodies and are fitted with nickel-plated brass couplings. ZIPport Mini Size 1 bulkhead connectors/receptacles, starting at $5.00, have an anodized aluminum shell, 0.3m cable and 1/2 NPT mounting threads; closure caps are also available.



  • cordsets and patch cables have non-wicking, nonhygroscopic, oil-resistance  PVC cable jacket and body
  • cable connectors have copper alloy contacts with gold plating
  • all items are UL Listed & IP67 protection-rated when connected
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