Miniature High-Speed Data Connectivity


Ethernet MiniMax 08 connector has been added to the MiniMax Series to give design engineers the option of integrating rugged connectivity solutions with full-speed Ethernet into their latest creations. This contact block configuration of eight AWG24 pins in a receptacle of only 12 mm diameter enables fast Ethernet data transmission over longer distances. The configuration can help move Ethernet connectivity into more rugged environments, protected from the elements with enhanced IP68 ratings.


The more stringent IP68 sealing level ensures all MiniMax connectors and cable assembly solutions achieve a new standard of 20 meters for 24 hours. This is an exceptional IP rating test for such a small connector, opening new opportunities for the miniaturization of underwater devices.


The Fischer MiniMaxTM Series receptacles also come in a hexagonal body style, making integration into small housings easier and more robust. Since customers do not need to rely on the flat of the panel cut, they can instead include a hexagonal recess on the backside of the panel in which the receptacle will fit. As for coating, the new standard for the Series includes an anthracite surface treatment which reaches <5 mΩ panel grounding as required in MIL standards while still being non-reflective and stealthy.


The popular Fischer Rugged Flash Drive – an extremely tough memory stick specially designed for storage and transportation of sensitive data in harsh environments – also offers improved performance with the MiniMax USB 3.0 connector interface as standard. With nine contacts in optimized positions, it delivers high-speed data transmission and better mobile data storage in a virtually indestructible housing.



  • High-speed AWG24 Ethernet data transfer
  • Enhanced IP68 sealing down to 20m/24h
  • Hexagonal body style
  • Anthracite coating with
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