Miniature laser and contrast sensor solves critical sensing applications with precision & accuracy


Great things come in small packages! NEW S8 sensors are packed in a miniature housing (14 x 42 x 25mm), but deliver high-accuracy detection usually associated with larger sensors and hefty price tags. S8 is designed specifically to solve critical applications with minimal space requirements. A perfect solution for packaging lines, food and beverage industries, automotive, test and assembling machines and electronic plants, this small sensor solves applications better than a larger sensor, and for less!

Available with Laser emission for background suppression and polarized retro-reflective sensing modes, the Laser versions offer an extremely focused spot less than 1mm and switching frequencies among the highest on the market, reaching 10kHz. S8 also has excellent read repeatability, detecting the object (even if transparent) in the same position and guaranteeing precision. This improves reliability and plant productivity creating a reduction in maintenance and eliminating machine stops.

S8 registration mark sensors with RGB emission and coaxial optics are the most compact sensor on the market. These sensors have excellent detection and depth-of-field you normally only find with a higher price and larger dimensions. S8 series is also available in diffuse, polarized retro-reflective, and background suppression with LED light emission.
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