Miniature ML7 Photoelectric Sensors


Pepperl+Fuchs’ ML7 series miniature photoelectric sensors are now available in retro-reflective mode for detecting clear objects such as PET plastic bottles, clear shrink-wrap, glass, and clear Mylar® film. ML7 retro-reflective mode sensors can detect clear objects up to 3.5 meters away, and opaque objects up to 5.7 meters away. ML7 retro-reflective mode sensors measure a very compact 31mm x 23mm x 11mm, making them the smallest photoelectric sensors available from Pepperl+Fuchs for clear-object detection. They are quickly and easily programmed with a single sensitivity adjustment that allows one of three different contrast levels to be taught. As a result, these sensors can deliver reliable, repeatable detection of low or high contrast transparent media ranging from a clear web of shrink-wrap to colored glass bottles. ML7 clear object detection sensors include Pepperl+Fuchs’ exclusive 4-in-1® output. 4-in-1 output automatically detects the connected load and sinks or sources as needed, simplifying selection, stocking, and installation time and costs.


• SENSITIVITY ADJUSTMENT - Yes (Potentiometer) • REFERENCE TARGET - 100 x 100 mm white test card • BLACK/WHITE DIFFERENTIAL* - < 6% (IR), < 10% (RT) • VOLTAGE DROP - ≤ 2.5 VDC • SUPPLY VOLTAGE - 10-30 VDC • CURRENT CONSUMPTION - < 20 mA • OPERATING MODE - Light on/dark on • RESPONSE TIME - ≤ 0.5 ms • SWITCHING FREQUENCY - 1 kHz • LIGHT SPOT DIAMETER - ≈ 5 mm at a range of 120 mm • AMBIENT LIGHT RESISTANCE - ≤ 50,000 lux • WEIGHT - 1.8 oz
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