Miniature Panel Potentiometers


Providing audio and communications system design engineers with a versatile miniature potentiometer with an enhanced cycle life, TT electronics BI Technologies has developed a line of 8mm square panel potentiometers with a cycle life up to 100K rotations.  Designated the P08x Series, the side-adjust miniature potentiometers are available with rotary switch, dual shaft and detent options, in multi-gang version up to 4 gangs.  Ideal for audio equipment such as amplifiers, mixers and synthesizers, the P08x Series potentiometers can also be specified for video equipment as well as portable communication equipment and appliances.

According to Richard Hsieh, marketing director for TT electronics BI Technologies, the P08x Series potentiometers provide a wider range of configurations and options for modern miniature designs.  “The conductive plastic elements, various mounting options and extended life cycles are ideal for applications that require reliable, long-life pots in small electronic devices,” he says.  “The P08x Series enables our customers to have access to BI Technologies panel potentiometers in the smallest package yet.”

The P08x Series potentiometers are constructed with a conductive polymer resistive element that delivers the high cycle life with low noise.  Resistance range is 500 to 1M ohms, with standard tolerances to ±20%.  Taper options include A (audio); B (linear); and C (reverse linear).  Operating temperature range is from -55°C to +125°C, and the potentiometers are rated dust-proof to IP50 standards.  Custom designs are also available.

The P08x Series panel potentiometers include:
•    P08xN – side adjust potentiometer module, multi-ganged (up to 4 gangs)
•    P08xS – side adjust rotary switch module, multi-ganged (up to 4 gangs)
•    P08xD – side adjust dual shaft module, multi-ganged (up to 4 gangs)
•    P08xE – side adjust dual shaft with rotary switch module, multi-ganged (up to 4 gangs)


  • enhanced cycle life
  • 8mm square
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