Miniature Parallel Gripper


With the MPG-plus, SCHUNK brings about new solutions for the handling of small components. The combination of an oval piston drive and roller bearings assure an enormous degree of efficiency for this compact powerhouse, and makes it to the most efficient miniature parallel gripper on the market. Due to the high force and moment load ratings, units of the same size can be equipped with longer gripper fingers and higher gripping forces are achieved. 

Alternatively, design engineers and operators can work with a smaller size at an identical power requirement. If the gripper is equipped with micro valves, the actuation time can be cut in half. This booster in productivity saves valuable compressed air and unnecessary assembly work.  

The MPG-plus also allows for the use of the MMS-P programmable magnetic sensor, which is another valuable time saving feature    


  •  high force and moment load ratings
  • oval piston drive and roller bearings

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