Miniature Positioning Stage


Precision positioning specialist PI (Physik Instrumente) releases a more affordable version of the M-663 piezo motor positioning stage for new applications where speed, repeatability and compact dimensions are critical, but nanometer resolution is not required. The M-663 miniature positioner is based on a unique design concept.  In the size of a matchbox it integrates a high-speed ceramic linear motor, a precision guiding system and an optical linear encoder.  Previously only available with a 100 nanometer type encoder, the new additional model targets applications with micron level precision.  This is sufficient for many applications in bio-technology, medical design and for the adjustment and assembly of small mechanical components.  Providing a travel range of 18 mm, and acceleration of several G’s along with a very wide velocity range from microns/sec to 10 inches/sec, the M-663 is a truly versatile miniature positioning system. 

Self-Locking Motor Provides Stability, Reduces Heat is Non-Magnetic and Vacuum Compatible. 

A significant benefit of the ceramic linear motor is its self-locking property, once a position has been reached.There is neither power required to hold a position nor heat generated resulting in excellent positional long term stability. Piezo ceramic moto


  • travel range of 18 mm
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