Fairchild Industrial Products’ new Model 72 miniature precision pressure regulator is designed for applications where output pressures up to 100 psi must be tightly controlled to within +/- 0.2 psi or better, even with a fluctuating or rapidly decreasing supply pressure, and has supply capability up to 300 psi.  While it has high pressure capability, its pinpoint accuracy at low pressures, such as 6 psig sets the Model 72 apart from typical regulators, and facilitates use in demanding applications such as precision pressure decay and leak testing, medical ventilators, respiratory diagnostic systems, balloon pumps and sterilization equipment.  The M72 bubble tight supply valve allows for precision pressure control whether the output is flowing or dead ended.  Additionally, the M72 has extremely low deadband, making it ultra responsive, highly stable and very accurate in holding the desired setpoint.  Made from Aluminum and Stainless Steel components, the M72 is compatible with medical and specialty gases such as nitrogen, helium and oxygen commonly seen in these applications.  Its compact size (65 mm tall), offers top performance in a small, economical package and  fast delivery of the M72 enables engineers to easily obtain a high performance unit to quickly complete design and testing of their new products.


• Max Supply Pressure: 300 psig [20 BAR] • Max Output Pressure: 100 psig [7 BAR] • Flow Capacity: 2.5 SCFM (4.25 m3/HR) • Accuracy: 0.2 psi (typ)
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