Miniature Pressure Transducer Features Flush Diaphragm


Stellar Technology Inc, offers the Model FT260 miniature pressure transducer. This rugged all-welded stainless steel sensor features a flush diaphragm which introduces zero dead volume to the fixturing to resist the accumulation of residue that can clog traditional pressure port configurations. The sensing element is machined from a single piece of steel, insuring reliable operation in the most demanding applications, including aerospace and automotive hydraulic pressures, the application of sealants and paints, or any application where space is at a premium. The FT260 is environmentally sealed and performs over a range of -100° to 300° F (compensated: -65° to +250°F). Pressure ranges are available from 0-2,000psi through 0-10,000psig/a. This compact sensor weighs only 3.5 ounces, yet delivers a static accuracy of ±0.25% (BFSL) and a standard output signal of 3 mV/V at 70°F. Burst pressure is at least 3X FSO range. The FT260 integrates with a standard ‘bayonet’ style electrical connector and installation is via a 7/16-20 UNF thread with an O-ring seal. Options include alternative electrical terminations and pressure ports, adding to the FT260’s versatility.


• Device Category Sensor or Transducer • Sensor Technology Mechanical Deflection; Strain Gauge • Measurement Type Absolute (optional feature); Gauge; Sealed (optional feature) • Working Pressure Range 0.0 to 7500 ps
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