Miniature Sensors


Contrinex has developed the ‘Series E’ range of miniature sensors that can withstand up to 300psi continuously on the front face. Available in 4mm, M5, 6.5mm and M8 sizes, these devices can be embedded in pressurized systems to detect moving elements or targets.

A typical application would be gear tooth detection for speed or position control in gearboxes, dispensing and water pumps and similar equipment. In addition to its high degree of sealing, this range has a very fast 5KHz, switched output that can be essential when counting small gear teeth reliably.

Another application is in pneumatic systems to detect piston positions within cylinders. Where cylinders are subject to high vibration and shock, conventional reed switch feedback is often not suitable while the ‘Series E’ sensor provides a stable and positive control feedback in the most severe vibration conditions.

The sensing face of the ‘Series E’ sensors are made from tough sapphire on the 4mm and M5 versions and from thick ceramic on the 6.5mm and M8 models — as opposed to the conventional plastic front face found on many sensors of this type that is vulnerable and unsuitable in applications where the sensor is in continuous contact with fluids and lubricants.

The housings are precision machined from tough AISI 303 stainless steel that is resistant to most corrosive liquids and media. High flexibility polyurethane (PUR) cables are fitted to all models. PUR is resistant to most oils and remains flexible even at low temperatures, preventing cracking or splitting that can lead to system failure.

The rear of the sensors are IP68 sealed, they have a wide voltage supply range of 10 to 30VDC, and will switch an output current of 200mA. The sensing range is stable from -25°C to +70°C, and they are short-circuit- / inverse-polarity-proof and overload protected.

CONTRINEX has manufactured inductive and photoelectric proximity switches since 1972. It specializes exclusively in the development, manufacture and sales of positioning sensors for industrial use. All departments and management levels in the company’s management system are ISO 9001:2000 certified.

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