Miniature Snap-Acting Switches


C&K Components has introduced the TF2 Series miniature snap-acting switches with a range of ordering options that enable design engineers to select the ideal operating force, actuator style, termination type, and electrical rating for their specific applications.

The TF2 Series switches are available with the following selectable specifications:

  • Seven operating forces (18, 45, 75, 110, 170, 230, and 330g)
  • Four electrical ratings (0.1, 6, 10, and 16A)
  • Two mounting styles (standard and metric)
  • 15 actuator options (including: pin plungers, levers, lever rollers, simulated rollers, and simulated levers)
  • Six termination options (two quick connect, two offset quick connect, screw, and solder)
  • Three circuitry options: single pull double throw (SPDT); single pull single throw, normally closed (SPST NC); and single pull single throw, normally open (SPST NO).

“The selectability of so many different specification combinations gives the TFS Series switches tremendous flexibility for a range of applications, including motor controls, thermostatics, portable tools, and air conditioning equipment,” explained Vinny Acampora, product manager at C&K.

All versions of the TF2 Series switches feature a 10,000 life cycle (minimum) at 16A/250VAC, and an operating temperature range from  -40°C to 125°C. They are RoHS-compliant and conform to IEC 61058-1 standards.


  • seven operating forces
  • four electrical ratings
  • two mounting styles

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