Miniature Switching Joysticks


APEM, Inc. announces the new HS Series miniature switching joystick.  Roughly only 20mm above panel, the HS Series provides 2-way, 4-way or 5-way  operation with superior tactile feedback.  Ideal applications include wireless remote controls, joystick and “gamepad” integration.  Inside its miniature package, the HS Series features up to four micro-switches fitted with either silver of gold plated contacts.  The gold plated option provides up to 200,000 electrical operations at 10mA and  30VDC.  The silver plated option provides up to  100,000 operations at 100mA and 30VDC.  When specified with a two-way limiter plate , the HS Series provides two switching contacts.  When specified with a four-way limiter plate, the HS Series provides four switching contacts. Electrical connections are provided through a six terminal Molex (501331-0607) connector.  Optional wire harnesses may be specified at the time of order.     

The HS Series is available with one of eight handle options including traditional “castle” and “conical” styles as well as a pushbutton option.  Featuring a miniature tactile switch protected under an elastomer boot, the new pushbutton handle  provides an off-momentary validation feature. The new pushbutton handle is noted as the “Option 6” handle in the “Option Selection” guide.  When the Option 6 handle is configured with a 4-way limiter plate, the HS Series provides five independent MOM-OFF-MOM operations. The HS Series may be specified with a black oxide coated brass threaded D-flat housing, making for simplified drop-in panel installation.  Mounting accessories for the new housing option include a stainless steel lock washer and hex-nut.  Rear-mount and drop-in mount plastic bezel options are also available.  All three mounting options provide IP67 and IP69K protection against water, dust and oils, making it suitable for a range of outdoor applications.


  • only 20mm above panel
  • 2-way, 4-way or 5-way  operation
  • superior tactile feedback
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