MIRO Safety Relays


Murrelektronik has expanded its portfolio of interfaces with MIRO Safety Relays, which monitor safety devices for failure or operational changes to help prevent accidents and reduce system and machine downtimes. The new safety relays increase safety and economic efficiency for a wide range of industries, and are available in two new component models: MIRO Safe SSO and MIRO Safe Flex.
MIRO Safety Relays are key components in the continuous safety chain by offering a variety of options for securing work processes and protecting employees. The safety relays also monitor emergency-stop circuits and guard doors, control light barriers and light curtains, and implement two-handed controls and step-on protection mats.

MIRO Safe SSO (Safety Semiconductors Outputs) is designed for applications with many switching processes. Suitable for emergency circuits and guard door applications, MIRO Safe SSO is equipped with four semiconductor outputs that never wear out, do not show contact bounce times and are resistant to shock and vibration. This allows the creation of logical AND operations, as well as logical OR operations.

MIRO Safe Flex is a highly adaptable component designed for universal use and suitable for various applications, including: emergency stops, guard doors, two-hand operation, light barriers and light curtains, as well as pulsing safety switches. The module simplifies inventory and ordering processes, and can be wired in different ways depending on the application. Additionally, MIRO Safe Flex is equipped with two safety relay outputs and one alarm output in the form of a semi conductor.

All MIRO Safety relays comply with Safety Category 4 requirements, the highest possible classification in accordance with EN 954-1, which means that Murrelektronik relays offer the greatest risk reduction and maximum protection of man and machinery. Additionally, the safety relays are cost-effective. Through early detection, the products also allow for shorter downtimes and eliminate production outages, thus reducing costs.

MIRO Safety Relays also offer maximum functionality. Featuring a housing that is only 22.5 mm in width, their slim design takes up minimum space in the switch cabinet. Additionally, plug-in terminals and simple wiring processes make for rapid installation, while optional double spring-loaded terminals increase flexibility.

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