Mixed Resin Separator Brochure


Eriez now offers a four-page brochure which explains the operational characteristics and applications for the company’s revolutionary PolyMag® Process. Eriez’ PolyMag Process utilizes the time-tested method of magnetic separation to reclaim valuable plastic resins. The PolyMag Separator uses extremely powerful Erium™ Rare Earth Permanent Magnets to separate mixed resin regrind particles. This process virtually eliminates costly hand sorting and other labor-intensive procedures molders have used to recover valuable mixed resins.The brochure takes readers through an overview of the PolyMag Process and the various applications, such as injection molding, co-extrusion, sequential 3D molding, color separation and more. There is also a case study showing the regrind results using an 8-inch wheel constructed of nylon and TPE.

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