Mixing Tank Provides Uniformity


A pre-engineered USP VI PP slurry mixing system provides mixing uniformity and is very easy to clean via CIP. Mixing Tanks generally fall in the 50-2000 liter range and can be standard pre-engineered quick ship designs or customized and automated to suit exact customer specifications.  The sanitary top entry mixer uses dual mixing impellers, while the lower impeller contours to the tank outlet and provides excellent low level solids suspension ability, providing users with complete mixing, while drawing down the media. Flush mount bottom valves provide self-draining with no dead legs, so the tank meets GMP clean ability requirements.  Mixers are controlled via a digital speed controller, so mixing actions can be adjusted with optional input and output control of the mixing processes.


  • Low level mixing capability for excellent media uniformity during pump out
  • Chromatography resin slurry guaranteed to blend uniformly for ease of packing columns
  • Polypropylene Mixing Tanks USP VI for quick shipments
  • Easy to clean, GMP design with CIP spray ball and optional riboflavin testing
  • Complete documentation package with 100% traceability
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