The unit features a simplified user interface incorporating a 6.5 inch high resolution color display that shows monitored current values, weld limits, weld counters and squeeze and hold times programmed for each weld schedule, and also comes in 100Ws and 300Ws versions.

The peak current for pulse 1 and 2 can be monitored, and limits set for each with the option of second pulse inhibit. This indicates a potential bad weld or process drift, and with the inhibit option can protect against weld blow out. The process monitor shows the percentage of out of limit welds as a percentage of total welds on a quick view bar graph on the RUN screen.

An upslope function - a first on Capacitive Discharge welders - can be programmed on the pulse to gradually increase the weld energy to alleviate weld splash.

The programmable polarity function makes it possible to individually select the polarity of pulse 1 & 2, or have alternating polarity for successive welds. This can be used to provide a uniform weld nugget size under both electrodes and more even electrode wear resulting in reduced consumable costs.

With an innovative new charging unit, the repetition rate of the ADP welder has been increased by 30-50% over the current units’ range. This offers maximum weld throughput for both manual and automated setups.

Resultant of increased component miniaturization and the need for improved weld optimization a ‘Very Short’ (VS) pulse duration has been added to the new unit. The four pulse durations are now spread more evenly than on legacy units to offer an increased range of weldable materials and parts. The pulse times were selected to ensure that these new durations overlap the current range of DP welders for ease of integration and retrofitting.

Founded in 1948, Miyachi Unitek designs and manufacturers a full range of resistance welding and reflow soldering power supplies, heads, monitors and accessories for both large scale and fine spot applications. For more information e-mail us at [email protected]. Miyachi may be found on the Internet at www.muc.miyachi.com

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